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Sermons about the NIV, NKJV, and ESV and why they are NOT the word of God.


Sermons on soul winning and video "how to" demonstrations.


More great sermons and videos.  



My favorite sermon of all time by Dr. Jack Hyles.  A great spiritual kick in the rear to get motivated to share the gospel with others.  

Why a Man Goes To Hell

Dr. Curtis Hutson preaches on the simple plan of salvation.

Six Surprises in Hell

Pastor Danny Castle preaches a red hot sermon on the awful reality of hell.  Most people will be surprised it's even there!  

Repentance and Salvation

Pastor Steven Anderson preaches about the word "repentance" and what it really means.

The King James Bible

Fiery sermon by Pastor Anderson about why we believe in only using the King James Bible.

Another Gospel Which is Not Another

Awesome sermon by Dr. Curtis Hutson on so called "Lordship Salvation".

Dispensationalism Debunked

Dispensationalism is the belief held by many Baptists that God has different dispensations in which people are saved differently.  The danger of this teaching is that it teaches a large percentage of the Bible does not apply to us.  Pastor Steven Anderson.

Shall Your Brethren Go To War?

"Your sin will find you out" is a statement directed at people who might not  want to get in the battle with God's people.  Get in the fight with your brethren, or your sin will find you out!    Dr. Jack Hyles.

Once Saved Always Saved

People who don't believe the gospel use this term to make fun of people who do.  But 1 John 5:10 says if you don't believe God has given to us eternal life you are calling God a liar!   Pastor Steven Anderson.


Sermon by Dr. Jack Hyles about the horrible sin of sodomy and it's roots.  

Old Fashioned

Old fashioned purity, old fashioned preaching, old fashioned soul winning, old fashioned family life.  The old fashioned ways that worked for centuries for Christians still work today. Pastor Steven Anderson.

Dumb Dogs That Can't Bark

Imagine buying a dog to protect your house only to find out it wouldn't bark.  In the same way preachers are called to warn people about sin and judgment, yet today many pastors won't warn anyone about the consequences of sin.  Pastor Steven Anderson.

Changing the SIgnposts

Dr. Curtis Hutson preaches a timeless sermon on how men "change the signposts" when it comes to salvation and the gospel.  

The Criminal Injustice System

The Bible explicitly warns us about going to law against a brother in 1 Cor. 6.  Yet Christians today think the US justice system is a righteous system, and that anyone accused of a crime is automatically guilty.  The Bible warns the last days will be full of false accusers.  Eye opening sermon by Pastor Steven Anderson.

If the Salt Have Lost His Savor

Do modern churches have the savor of the house of God, or of a Vegas Casino?  What good is Christianity that looks the same as the world around us?  Pastor Anderson.

Repent of Your Sins Heresy

I don't think this can be overstated in today's times.  Salvation is NOT about how much we clean up our life.  It's about JESUS and THE BLOOD he shed for us at Calvary.  Red hot sermon by Pastor Anderson.

James 2 in Context

Pastor Steven Anderson plumbs the depths of James 2, demonstrating how it cannot mean faith without works won't save you in light of Romans 4.  Learn what James 2 really means in light of the context and other scriptures.

The Halls of Hell

Pastor Glen Schunk preaches on the horrors of hell.  An old fashioned fiery and needful sermon that should remind Christians the urgent need to get people saved.